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1)Talking about feces. "I gotta poop!"

2)When conversation/story telling is stretched and explanation gets to a stage where the facts are distorted, the content is

questionable, and needless to say, the "shit" gets deep, and the verbage begins to drag on and on. One must call a Loaf Dialogue timeout, and bring accuracy back to any topic being discussed.
J - "You should have seen the fish I caught. It was HUGE! It was 29" and at least 6.2lbs."
D- "Did you measure and weigh it? Was it a new record?"
J - "Well... I put it on the hood of my truck and by the size and how the hood began to"
D - "Loaf Dialogue!"

(Imaginary whistle blows in the background, the subtle sounds of echoing 'BULLSHIT' is heard! Silence ensue's... for approx 3-5 seconds.)

J - "Well I didn't exactly get the measurement/weight, but it was a big fish."
by Dingle B January 17, 2011
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