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(n): One who has a mastery of the anus which allows them to "cut off" a poop, before they are finished. Very effective loaf cutters are able to slice a poop many times, in such a way that the finished product appears similar to a busted roll of pennies or a sliced banana.
z: "Don't you think q would wanna come here Pearl Jam?--they're coming on the radio in a couple of seconds."
x: "Yeah, he probably would, but he's on the can now, he said he really needs to poop."
z: "Yeah but he could get out here pretty quickly, he's a Grade A loaf cutter, he could just save the rest for later."
x: "You're thinking of v, aren't you?"
z: "Nah, q."
x: "It's on!! Are we going to get him or not?"
z: "Forget it, I'm probably thinking of v..."
by Motivational Void. February 10, 2010
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