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A rare dinosaur from the Jurassic period approximately 74680000000 years ago.
Some scientists believe the Lmaosaur survived on lolberries from the forest of rofltopia. Bones of the great arse shaped beast were uncovered in 1897 by Sven Bjorlol. Upon finding the bones of this strange and loltacular specimen, Sven had a colossal fit of laughter which resonated from his buttocks. When he had been loling for over 3 days, his anus and surrounding buttcheeks fell from the rest of his body and he died from Roflmaogitis. When his friend Friedrick Von Apelike-rofl found his body he yelled "LMAO!"
Thus, the newly discovered dinosaur came to be known as the Lmaosaur.
The Lmaosaur was feared by other dinosaurs for its spectacular Lmao-attack which left its enemies arseless.
by Mutilatedzombiecarcass July 24, 2009
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