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A backstabbing ass bitch but has a lot of friends and is hot af. Had lots of boyfriend's and almost got married twice. Can replace you fast. Has a nice ass house but she is retarded. She got body like a Benz. But she will cheer you up whenever you're sad. She'll embarrass herself just to make you happy. Mean af when it comes to siblings. Has a trashy phone but got hella hoes and bestfriends. Lastly, when a Lizlen falls in love she falls hard and ends up getting hurt. But she's a boss ass bitch and gets over it within 2 hours. Her glo up after a relationship is unreal. You could call her Barbie, but she's Lizlen, and she will always be.
"Damn Lizlen is gonna be such a heartbreaker."
by Yostopplayingbih July 11, 2017
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