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The most funniest sports crew ever assembled. Notorious for putting holes in the locker room and "Deficating" on the bathroom floor. Prob. The most hated team coach Firr. ever had. John warner and goldberg were known as the team cock suckers. Millburn was thier biggest rival. They dared motals to step into there realm. Fat people can't pitch. they were the reason coach firr couldn't get laid. Will forever be known as the infamous 16.
Livingston Freshmen Baseball

"Justin...Don't bunt this pitch!" - Firrenator

" I think it hit the water tower."- JB
" Yea i think it hit that guy in the head......." - Dave Chapplle

" I am going to deflower you tight pink assholes!"-NK

" NO GOOOD!"- Firr

by Dennis Mc'Qual August 18, 2007
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