Organic machines whose sole purpose is to make more machines that in turn make more of these same machines.

Think of it in terms of a factory that makes more factories exactly like the original. Then these newly created factories make more factories just like the original and so on.
That rat is a living thing. All it does is make more rats which in turn make more rats.
by watzgood November 08, 2011
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A Person who has more than 5k in his or her Account.

Anyone with below 5k is a non living thing.

How to become a living thing:
1. Hustle hard.

2. Always pray.

3. Always have more than 5k.

4. Stop asking for urgent 2k.

5. Stop disgracing your boyfriend by sliding into People’s Dm begging for Money.

5. Be wise.

6. Always remember to receive you must give; so stop being stingy with your body when you need money from a guy cus e nor be your papa Wey go give you freely.
I’m a living thing because I have 10k in my Bank Account.
by Gisco September 13, 2021
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