A funny American TV show starring Dove Cameron, it's about a set of twins, Olivia and Madison Rooney, their father, Pete, mother, Karen, brothers, Joey and Parker, a great and funny Disney Channel TV show. Maddie loves basketball and best friend, Willow and boyfriend, Josh, Liv's acting partner speaking of Liv, Liv loves acting and singing, in her band, The Dream and her TV shows, Voltage, Sing It Loud and Space Werewolves. Maddie's catch phrase is "BAM WHAT?" and you can only tell them apart from Maddie's glasses and sporty clothes, the opposite of Liv, the show is kinda dramatic but funny and relatable.
Kid #1: Don't you love Liv And Maddie.
Kid #2: Yeah I do, it's funny, and dramatic.
Kid #1: I just love the Disney Channel
by HOLA-KK July 11, 2018
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