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A place or city with a high concentration of Puerto Ricans. The most common City to be known as Little Puerto Rico is Kissimmee, Florida; located just south of Orlando. The area can be characterized as having a substantial amount of Puerto Rican-type restaurants known as "cuchifritos." Anywhere you may go within Kissimmee or Little Puerto Rico, the Latin culture will mostly dominate and the American culture will be slightly silenced. Even though the culture of Little Puerto Rico is not as dominant as the culture of Little Havana in Miami, the area will make itself known through various means such as loud Reggaeton music, "cuchifritos", many Latin supermarkets, Puerto Rican delicacies sold at pretty much any grocery store, and the 90% chance you'll run into a Puerto Rican at every place you go. Contrary to popular belief, the City of Kissimmee is not that ghetto nor a slum.
"So, you're leaving Little Havana to move to Little Puerto Rico?"
"You're moving to Kissimmee? Isn't that Little Puerto Rico?"
"Ah Kissimmee...yeah, yeah, Little Puerto Rico."
"Miami is Florida's Little Havana and Kissimmee is Florida's Little Puerto Rico."
by Twisted_ONE August 15, 2014
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