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Better known to the locals as "the LC". It's a small fishing town overrun in the summer by preppy, rich kids who have nothing better to do with their time then tear around town in their sports cars. More often then not they will absolutly in no way talk to a local, because of course, we're not as rich,pretty or in general, awesome as they are. The only real fratenizing that occurs is between the hot moms who lay out ont he beaches all day, and the cute lifeguards who rub lotion on their backs. The drama in this town, caused mainly by those rich kids, is comprible to that of the OC. Only thing is that the locals all know whats up, and how to throw damn good parties that the yuppies arn't invited to. The LC will forever be our town!
You have 3 brand new sports cars and nothing to do? Head to the sunny beaches of Little Compton!
by Just a local yocal July 16, 2006
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A scenic New England town occupied year round by hard working blue-collar farmers and fishermen. But unfortunatly invaded in the summer by stuck-up, volvo-driven, polo-wearn' yaht-club-sailin' john kerry voten' rich-kid, YANKEE fans.

A Beautiful Place...So don't forget the little people who grew up there and live their year round.
Stop building multi-million dollar homes in Little Compton, keep Little Compton "Little"
by Ron L. December 02, 2005
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Often referred to as "LC," Little Compton is an overly wealthy, summer, snobby town on the southern coast of Rhode Island. People here build multi-million dollar cottages right on the ocean and Sakonnet Golf Course. It is exclusive and competitive. Practically all the residents own at least one sailboat or yacht, and do not work at all. Compatible in every way with Newport, it is one of the wealthiest and most beautiful portions of the small state of Rhode Island.
I have way too much money...I think I'll move to Little Compton!
by RI Lover November 09, 2005
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Town made completely up of boarding school-rich snobs who sport too much green and pink and vineyard vines. If you do not own a luxury vehicle or million dollar house you will be looked down upon. The children spend mommy and daddy's cash on alcohol and drugs starting at a young age for fun since they can. It is an exclusive and competitive group of people, and everyone is the same. Preppy, rich, and not knowing what to do with their ridiculous amounts of money.
person #1 - My dad has 3 porsche's, a BMW z400 and just bought my little sister a range rover.
person #2 - What do you live in Little Compton or something??
by Rhode Island November 21, 2005
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