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The most amazing person you will ever meet. Fun, awesome, amazing, sexy, cute, adorable, funny, bad-ass, and goddess-like. She is so fun, your mind will be blown when she says hello. Always hope you get those smiles, because they will make your life. She is extremely nice, and the best friend you could ever have. When you meet her, you will never want to leave her side. Don't forget to draw her some animals. She loves animals. When you see her eyes, you see the glory of life! There is only one Little Ash, so pray that you are lucky enough to meet her. She is a great person to rely on, and an amazing person to even talk to. Her beauty will radiate your life with joy and happiness. When you meet her, say hello to Little Ash.
Dude, so I met Little Ash the other day, and she was the most amazing person ever! Dude, I'm so going to be her best friend for life.
by Ash'sBFFS August 09, 2011
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