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Little ferry is a town of about 11,000 people in southern Bergen County, New Jersey that lies along the Hackensack River. The town borders the towns of South Hackensack and Moonachie. The land is mainly comprised residential developments with some patches of industry along the river. Due tot he relatively young average age of the town's inhabitants, the high volume of transient citizens and MTV, Little Ferry is notorious for harboring many middle-class Caucasian teenagers who share a mass delusion that they were raised in Jamaica, Queens along side famous rapper 50 cent. Little ferry is also known to have disproportionately high volume of drug activity and their police force has recently employed a k-9 unit due to this.
Me: "what the hell do you do up there in Little Ferry anyways?"
Little Ferry kid: "Usually them po-po be tryina catch us rollin wit them o's of haze. we got mad brollick dubs yo."
by Michael crazy December 24, 2006
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Little ferry is a small, densely populated town (6864 / sq. mi.) in northeast new jersey with 5 apartment complexes that hold nearly two fifths of its population. There is a ridiculously high amount of drug activity and the crime rate is through the roof. Little Ferry is known for its coke dealers.
about every other day, I see a little ferry kid mugging an old lady

-Hey Rob, can I score a gram of coke off you?
-Yeah dog, come through to grove, park around the corner.
-Are your bags legit now?
-Yea yo, I swear this time it's not all baking soda and flour!
by Gordy-Mercedz Flippin' Yards January 21, 2010
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