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Someone who thrusts their hips back and forth in a manor that causes their dick and balls to slap their stomach and gooch, making a drumming noise.
"When I get out of the shower, I love being a Little Drummer Boy."

"I heard Johnny likes to pretend to be a Little Drummer Boy sometimes."
by pcopeland98 April 16, 2017
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while having sex with a female analy our vaginally u pull out right when ur about to bust then u pull ur dick up at an angle let it go as u nut smacking her in the back while singing the little drummer boy
little drummer boy
by rampageurmomwithashotofrashad January 01, 2010
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What we call the smallest drummer in our band! he is amazing and is super sweet. he is super sporty but is still short. he is awesome at everything he does! He also eats alot but maintains his skinny-ness

also the name of the best Christmas song ever!
have you seen the little drummer boy?

yeah he was in the kitchen, you better hurry before he inhales all the food!
by ninjadrewzers:) January 02, 2011
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