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One who speaks with correct pronunciation and in old english. They are commonly found in rich urban areas throughout the United States. They usually have a habit of correcting others grammar and oral language. They find themselves to be completely perfect at the language of English, and deny anybody correcting them if they do indeed happen to make a mistake. They can become extremely annoying over time and can even cause people to question they're sexuality preference.
Literary Homosexuals:

They will type with correct punctuation and grammar and usually speak in a formal manner:
"Hello my fellow colleague. How was your day at school? Mine was fantastic, thank you for asking!"

They even sometimes correct you for small mistakes in your speech.

"Alright, me and Matt are going to get lunch." -Person
"Matt and I.*" - Literary Homosexual.

These people are continuing to grow in wealthy areas that are moderately populated. Watch out, because they increase in their obsession with Literary perfection, and continue to enforce anger in people around them.
by steph422 September 08, 2011
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