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1. Lit-Toting refers to the act of translating the films, sports, and recreation, love and care, hatred and spite, creativity and destruction, valorization and vilification, in short, the totality of human life and existence, through the acts of writing. Although it began as a conscious movement started by a young visionary and a literary intellectual who grew up in Sanskritic-Semitic neighborhood in the conducive climes of the Gangetic Rishikesh, India, it is now touted to be The Next Big thing in the mode of information reception.

Although it began as a conscious moment, it presages fortuitous prognostications for its overall reach and impact in the coming years.

2. Lit-Toting is the act of mentally translating a social process or social creation into texts, digital or otherwise, lending it the touch of permanence which digital content miserably lacks. It was created by a pompous intellectual from Rishikesh, India on 7th May, 2019.

3. The act of writing about your memories, diaries, and heartfelt opinions after watching an emotional or intellectually stimulating movie. It has its precedents in Doctor Freud's "sublimation", and the Digital Minimalism fad of The Summer of 2019.
1. Random-Overbearing-Mommy-in-The-Background: What have you been doing all this while? All I see is a bright computer scene: Netflix, and Chill, much?

Intellectual-Wannabe-Son: No mommy dearest, I've been penning down notes from "Angels in America" to Kushnerize Rishikesh!

2. Random Girl (to her classmate): "Have you been watching this movie for Mrs. Goldberg's Mill on The Floss classes?

Litotes Website Fangirl: "No shit! I have been Lit-toting Titanic movie to avoid crying over Leo's death"

3. Annoying Paparazzi (collectively bad-mouthing Taylor Swift after "Me!"): "So, Taylor, is "Me!", your version of deflecting the attention from MeToo?"

Taylor Swift (covers her mouth of the bad-breath of the camera-rabblement): "No bitch, I am Lit-Toting my way to success - transforming lives by converting my feeling and emotions into songs that are cathartic"
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by ScholarWarrior May 08, 2019
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