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A Lissa-Lou is like having the best of both Lissa and Lou! Very similar to having the most exquisite blend of the sweetest fragrance combined. Everything great times two! When you are with this amazing woman you feel like you have the BEST of both worlds. The classic presence and simplicity of a rose with the most lush, delicate petals, and the deliciously sweet intoxicating scent of playful lilacs. Very sweet, versatile,kind, generous and fiesty. You will never experience a dull moment with a Lissa-Lou. This adorable lady has very full pouty sensual lipps, and gives very passionate melt in your mouth kisses. NEVER take this delicate creature for granted, otherwise she might slip away...
I don't know what is wrong with my man these days, he seems unsatisfied, it's just never enough..I just don't know what he expects. I just flat out told him...I am not a "Lissa-Lou!!"
by Ian Mac May 07, 2010
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