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A U.S. Senator from Alaska. Murkowski was the incumbant in the 2010 election, but she was defeated in the G.O.P. primary by tea party candidate Joe Miller.
After the primary she mounted a write-in campaign. After some dispute and a recount, Murkowski won re-election in the first sucessful write-in campaign in 50 years!
It was a glorious slap in the face for Sarah Palin when Lisa Murkowski defeated her favored tea party candidate!
by Charles_U_Farley November 21, 2010
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To stick around in a place where you are no longer wanted.

A social terrorist who has already been told to leave, but remains anyway.

To lose a primary election, but to end up running in the general election anyway as a third-party candidate, so as to spite the primary winner by trying to steal votes from him/her. See Charlie Crist.
What's his problem, I just broke up with this loser, and just told him to get out of my house, and now he's trying to sleep on my couch? What a Lisa Murkowski he is.

I could have swore that I told that lame douchebag to leave my party since he was not invited. He's still here twenty minutes later, starting arguments with my best friends, and creeping out my lady friends. Is he trying to pull a Lisa Murkowski on me?

Since Daddy's Little Girl (a.k.a. Lisa Murkowski) lost the primary to hold on to her Senate seat inherited from her father, her sense of entitlement overrode her sense of decency (assuming she had any), and she decided to run as a third-party candidate in order to steal votes from Joe Miller, the man who beat her in the primary, out of spite.
by Miroslav Jung November 02, 2010
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