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Celebrated on March 15th, Lips & Lobster Day is a holiday for woman, celebrated the day after the Steak & Blowjob Day- a day for woman to recover after the Steak & Blowjob. This Day is designed for men t celebrate the woman in their life by eating at the Y. That's right by giving cunnilingus. Go down on your woman & then give her a lobster dinner. Not necessarily in that order. Do dinner first - whatever.

Concept is quite simple: no cards, no flowers or jewelry. Give your woman what she really wants bestow on them a lobster dinner then eat out her pussy.
This holiday is celebrated annually by the Greek gods & started by the goddess Aphrodite. The goddess of sex & procreation. She was not born but grew from Ouranos the Skys castrated genitals when they were cast into the sea.
Aphrodite was know to initiate this holiday with every god on March 15- usually she was hand feed lobster while getting serviced on Lips & Lobster Day
by LizzyD March 14, 2013
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