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This is mob vernacular for right-hand man.
Capo: I am here to see Don Salvatore.
Lip Man: Don Salvatore is a busy man. I am his lip man: talk to me!
by A1exandre August 07, 2012
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A person who can do a lot of things at the same time. He or she has no problem at all with multi-tasking. He or she will always profit from this ability.
Person 1: 'Yeesh, why are you eating, brushing your teeth, making your homework and making your dinner for tonight all at the same time?'
Person 2: 'Because I can. I am a Lipman.
by Klaproos April 06, 2011
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an awesome middle skool where everyone kinda swares. but its cool. theres either really cute guys, or really ugly ones. and the girls are mostly all average. and its in brisbane, california and the weather is hot.
if u see a boy thats cocasian thats pretty good looking and is in shorts and a t-shirt, u kno hes someone from lipman
by sdfjsdfljsdsdf August 31, 2007
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