A codeword for copyrighted material shared without permission, usually over P2P networks.
I've downloaded so much Linux ISOs I don't have space left on my harddrive.
by felix852 January 9, 2008
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A Linux ISO or Gnu/Linux ISO, is a virtual CD containing a copy of a Linux operating system. There is no specific Linux OS as there are many distributions do to the fact that you can create your own version of the OS, for free and libre. the most popular Ones being Ubuntu and Amog OS.

In the context of downloading torrents it may refer to Pirated content like torrenting movies. This is because Linux ISO’s are typically also downloaded via torrenting as servers are expensive and funding to developers are typically done with Donations. Is therefore done free with the help of the community/seeders
Person 1: “I’m going to download some Linux ISO’s, if you know what I mean ;)”
Person 2: “That’s nice what distro? My favourite is Amog OS
Person 1: “I meant that I am downloading every episode of Rick and Morty from the pirate bay… duh”
Person 2: “Oh… Well, remember to Seed so others can feed”
by VictorLalle April 16, 2022
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