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The biggest city in the whole wide county of Östergötland, a real gansta-place. Many niggas and white trash meet here in, what is called, the "superstreetfights". In these fights many big gangs engage, i.e. AFA, nazis and the niggas (they always loose). But the biggest hoodcrew, "Kajorna", always gets the last word in the superstreetfights. Kajorna - we come from above.

One can also go on fishingtrips on the famous river "Stångån". If you are a lycky bastard you may see the "Linköping-eagle", one of many birds in Linköping. A great bird with a wingspring of 3 meters.
If you want a Dirty Sanchez - Linköping is the place!
by The Mayor of LKPG May 29, 2006
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