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a life taking disease worse than aids and polio combined. It is given to unsuspecting people who do not realize what some carriers of this disease are doing. it is spread by the rubbing of ones weines with anothers and making auh noises. the symptoms are blood spraying out of the eyes, constant singing of Foamy songs, addiction to myspace, wet day dreams, sex addiction, insomnia, erectial disfunctions, monster energy addiction, becomming addicted to the twilight saga, random screaming, random laughing for no reason, laughing at fat people trying to exersize or dance, facinations of becomming the best stripper in the world, toe fungus, gay arms, fucking dogs, spanking immaginary monkeys, riding the short bus, becoming addicted to saying the word twat, random rolling on the floor gasping for air, corrupting people with ideas that they have dinner plate nipples, buffet nipples ,or any other meal of nipples. This disease can only be treated by giving oral sex to three vampire virgins on the 34th day of july.
auhh baby, i have to tell you something... i think i have should get checked... do you still love me?
by silly little white girl October 06, 2008
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