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A form of working most commonly found among most construction and all military jobs.
When working outside, frequent smoke breaks, chatting with coworkers, adjusting ipod/changing song and quick snack breaks constitutes linger working.
Linger Working is taught by direct superiors and usually caused by no predetermined time deadline or little interest in day to day activites by higher ups. In most cases, lingering is actually encouraged by chain of command.
Doushebag1: Man, youve been chipping, grinding and sanding all day and that wall isnt even bare metal.

Doushebag2: Dude fuck that, todays a tuesday, ive been linger working. I smoked three packs of newports, listened to Yani's greatest hits, ran 4 miles then lifted, ate 2 bags of beef jerkey, and at noon my E-6 started walking around in a speedo talking about his pet falcon.
by Lingerers... November 27, 2008
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