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A school located in Frederick County, MD. It's been known to have hardcore rednecks and those odd few that wish to be rednecks who talk excessively about motocross and tractor trailers. Historically, they like to drive their tractors to FORMAL proms and show up wearing jeans and a plaid button up t-shirt (if they're feeling classy). The girls vary between country hicks, fake emo and suicidal attention whores and wannabe-everything-under-the-sky preps. However, regardless of which clique they fall into or what they look like, they tend to be so easy that guys from Urbana (Linganore's RIVAL school) will sleep with the whole school before dating a girl from their own. 90 percent of the school is constantly doing some sort of drug and feel the need to post every minute of their so-called "lives" on Facebook as if anyone gives half a shit. They enjoy complaining about not getting laid after drinking to the point of puking their brain cell-deprived minds out and their inability to hold relationships for longer than a week or two at a time. A significantly tiny number of these students know how to spell the simplest of words, much less form a proper sentence, and have never even cared to pick up a dictionary to find out how to do it. Basically, the majority of the student body is desperate and nearly worthless. What a perfect little redneck town.
Person one: "Wht ru up 2?"
Person two: "What school do you go to again?"
Person one: "L1nq4n0r3, Y?"
Person two: "Oh, Slingawhore! AND you can't spell! Bye."

Guy 1: "How'd you get that girl to get with you so quickly?"
Guy 2: "She was from Linganore High School."
Guy 1: "Oh, of course. Watch out for itching...if she has a kid, it's probably not yours anyway."
by DisappointedStudent August 13, 2010
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