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sick ass freestyle skis that are extremely buttery and awesome. also pretty much indestructible, made like a skate deck.
I've had Line Afterbangs for 3 seasons and they are still holding up strong, and i can butter way better than all my friends!
by steezcannon13 June 23, 2012
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A type of freestyle ski that just may be the fucking worst ski ever made. Line thought that they were clever by making a ski that was like a skateboard, but it just ended up sucking more cock than Simon Dumont. They are extremely heavy and WAY too buttery. They will chip or break after one rail slide and are a complete waste of everybody's time and money.
The guy at the rental store told me that I wasn't allowed to hit any rails when I rented these Line Afterbangs because someone was going to buy them and they would be broken.
by steezyskiier1 May 22, 2011
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