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A line anchor is a person that gets in line later than the rest of the group. The group must let people pass ahead so that the person will not have to be separated. A line anchor holds back the rest of the group resulting in people wasting time in line just to let others ahead of them. The situation usually occurs when the people between the separated person and the rest of the group are assholes and will not let him or her join the rest of their party. The situation may also occur if the separated person is too nice of a person/a pussy and is afraid of making the people they're passing in line angry.
Jim got in line to the rollercoaster 10 minutes after us because he was buying a soda. The assholes in front of him would let him move up so the five of us had to shift back in line. Jim is a cool guy, but he's a such a line anchor at amusement parks.
by tehsheriff May 25, 2009
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