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Super-rich non-celebrity guy that dates famous socialites (such as Lindsay Lohan). You've seen him in the week he's engaged to Paris Hilton, next week he's gotten an Olsen twin pregnant, week after that he's courting some other rich-for-no-reason waif.

Examples include Stavros Niarchos, Brandon Davis, Rick Salomon, Paris Lastis, Adam Goldstein and every other restaurant/oil/greek shipping heir on the planet that regularly dates Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Kim Kardashian, and/or the Olsen twins.
"Did you see Nicole Ritchie's new Lindsay LoMan on the cover of US magazine? Wasn't he with Paris Hilton in last month's issue? I smell a catfight!"
by stenzo. September 10, 2007
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