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Chant used at parties when somebody committs a party foul; person making foul has to eat a Lime Chip from bag or bowl;
(Always bring a bag of Lime Chips to make sure you can do this... it's stupid, but funny and catchy, and gets things going!) (This is done because a majority of people for some reason think Lime Chips are disgusting. Those who like Lime Chips however, are lucky, haha!)
(A) says something stupid/pointless,
(B) tells a bad joke,
(C) knocks over a cup/spills something (usually during beer pong)
(D) trips over something or self
(E) Ping Pong Ball lands in bowl of lime chips placed in center of table (or anywhere for that matter)
(F) spills beer on somebody
(G) Hits head on lamp
(H) Basically doing anything stupid or foolish
Playing Beer Pong And Somebody Knocks Over A Cup: Somebody points at the person and starts chanting "Lime Chip! Lime Chip!" until everyone in the area joins in chanting "Lime Chip! Lime Chip!" The chant continues until the person knocking over the cup eats a Lime Chip.
by Anthony Genetti January 27, 2008
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