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Pen name for a individual woman, that lives in the imagination of a word/world filled head.

To like pidan's and hold a pricket for Thob hop dizzle. Durring the hustings, while the gallinipers sucked the blood dryasdust. Drew a leveret on a notebook as she used to draw under lucubrate, plans for the place names Zythepsary, but realised by the time the night was winding down, the patrons w/ Cocaine in the viens would be too drunkered to pronounce the name of the establishment to the cabi that would have to pick them up.

She always felt it was better to grig a line than blow the fish up;)
A bit of random imagination and word interjection for the masses of space is the world at our fingertips with soft spoken sweet lips.
Without a skiboohired hit man or i.e. ass-as-in pointing a trigger while the backs are turned. It's a bit Anoetic, who she is. A scop with a swelchie of personality and ideas.

Writing to a bilch, threw pannikin like a nefast murginger with a quiddit.
Reading into it, she saw a Zool and not just a tool.

She's a malshave awaiting to grow wings that dislikes erlking's and is not a "nikin."
Techngonia has turned her softhearted, but is aware he miched as a bedswerver. Was the meacock saltimbanco widdershins in babag with pabulum She respects. While the women boondoggles Mr. "Jactancy" nancy. He struck her heart with a sumpit. While he wishes for her to bake a duddyfunk for supper so we may hortatory all this tintamarre, the history lesson Mr. Dizzle Ubermensh is looking for, so filled with gork, looking for Koan.

Have you ever made an erectarines for fun?
Do you munch on boudin wanting to prest without image involved living in drapetomania on her?
The "Whally" wants hisgubernatrix acouchy with the better roorback Mr. Yegg.
BTW, it's heliotrope that makes her smile and light up inside. The taste of geropigia. Not the man stuffed with lickerish and stummel. Were urticating our pizzles. Would you like to fliffis over tea? She thinks he's just trying to peesweep her again;)
Lily funkia say's it's time to corroboree aussie style.
Remember on thing She's witzelsucht, not avering you and If you research the wording it helps to understand the story she writes to you. Like love, nothing in this life is that simple to the puzzle.
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