The vivacious blonde starfucker that was murdered in the TV show "Veronica Mars" which made the title character investigate her murder and expose her real murderer.
Lilly Kane: "High on life, Veronica Mars. I've got a secret. A good one.” - Pilot

Me: "Which character do you like off Veronica Mars?"
You: "Mmm. hard to decide between Weevil and Logan. You?"
Me: "I totally like Lilly Kane, wish there was more of the flashback scenes and stuff in the second and third season."
by Lisa Parnell April 18, 2008
To beat someone upside the head with a blunt object, often resulting in copious amounts of blood. Named for a teenage starfucker who met an untimely doom on the tv show Veronica Mars.
While leading a revolt in the asylum, John killed the nurse Lilly Kane style with an ashtray.
by C. F. May 19, 2006