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Native word for 'Wild Onion'. Also known as an infectious disease, which causes madness, premature pregnancy, neanderthallic mindset, and delusions. Lillooet has been isolated to a small area in British Columbia known as Mile 'O' named appropriately as being 'ground zero' of infection. The quarantine area currently holds approximately 3,000 patients in counting. Signs and Symptoms of Lillooet are classified as follows:

In teens:
1. Complete loss of ambition
2. Skipping classes in order to blaze, drink, smoke, walk the halls, and do loser laps downtown
3. Planning bush parties in locations named after dead animals
4. Claiming to enjoy Lillooet

In Adults:
1. All of the above
2. You are still in high school
3. You refer to yourself as a 'Lillooetian'!
4. You are a member of the 'Lillooetians!!' group on facebook.

Lillooet can also lead to Chlamydia, HIV, AIDS, gonorrhea, herpes, and/or pregnancy.

If you see Lillooet or any signs of Lillooet turn around a go the other way. Lillooet has been known to infect people within 2-4 hours. Once you have experience Lillooet you cannot be cured. Just like herpes, it will keep coming back.
Man, big party at Deadhorse this weekend in Lillooet!

Shit, I got the clap in Lillooet!

Did you hear there's a party in Lillooet at the Pits?
by Lillooetian July 01, 2009
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