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New York city deathrocker, and vocalist and bass player for the band Glass Doll. He frequently appears on stage in women's clothing, and has a rather fey attitude. His age is unknown to most, but he appears to be appr. 19.

His race and gender are usually indeterminate, but the author knows for a fact he's male, and Asian, Jewish, and Peurto-Rican (along with some other various things)

Currently he's dating New York glam punk makeup artist Madeira Darling. Together they form Catastrophe/Darling, the snazzily dressed new york goth scene's answer to Paris and Nicole... except you know... dating.
"Yo, I saw Lillie Catastrophe over at Trash bar last night... the bartender was totally hitting on him."
by MissXanthe October 11, 2007
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