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Of Greek origin meaning Heavenly flower; although she might as well be Pandora's box
however Lilanis merge a Heavenly aura charming every man in her path with a devilish gaze that triggers lustful sensations on us mortals.
A successful achieving person by day, usually leading a fruitful career... and a wild untamed party animal that defiantly breaks every rule in the way of her satisfaction by night.
Taming a Lilani is guaranteed lifetime of health wealth loyalty and an amazing sex life.
Lilanis tend to develop tight bonds with bigger sized men, often to believed descendants of Titans from Greek Mythology that she encounters along her travels globaly
dude, that calm chic at the bar was such a Lilani my back hurts!
*wedding vow* Will you take this woman to be your Lilani forever and ever?
Forget about it dude, she's a Lilani... you can't handle that...
by 108andcounting August 16, 2013
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