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A Canadian YouTube and Sound Cloud rapper with about 50k YouTube subscribers as of October 2017 and has produce songs like Mill, FMU and his most popular Cleanin Up. He may look like a troll be believe it of not he's been doing it since 2015 as well as his Comment answering sets him as a character.
Have you heard Lil Windex's New song Mill, It's pretty LIT
by pb da bomb October 12, 2017
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The single greatest rapper to ever breath. It is rumored that grandmothers actually have a secret congregation to discuss him. He is the savior of the rap game and he does not fuck with off brand cleaners
Grandma - Lil Windex is the only reason I didn’t have the doctors put me down like I’m a limping dog
by Aaronisaaron May 28, 2018
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