1. A random word that is mainly used as a name to give some one just to confuse them and annoy the hell out of them

2. The name of a annoying little baby pony from "My little Pony the movie" LOL

3. a guy who when licking some one out cums all over himself without anyone touching him


A. Hey man come inside and have a seat, I'm just playing Xbox.
B. ohh cool, when did you get an Xbox Likity-Split?
A.WTF man? whats Likity-Split?
B. What are you on about Likity-Split? its your name geez I dont think your pet purple drangon will like you forgetting your own name and the rest of the ponys...
A. WHATS THE FUCK IS Likity-Split!!!!???


A. yeah did you hear what happen to ben?
B. nar man what?
A. his so weak under the belt man, he was lickin his girl out then exploaded all over himself with out her touching him.
B. hahahahah wtf man
A. yeah man she even ran out laughing.
by GOOLIEz April 19, 2009
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