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A literary device used by various hip-hop artists, the likeless simile is a simile without the words like or as prior to the descriptive part of the sentence.

For instance, in the song Bed Rock by Young Money, the

following line contains a likeless simile:

"I just be coming off the top; asbestos"

This line in simile form would be as follows:
"I just be coming off the top like asbestos"

Since the word like was omitted from the simile, it is a likeless simile.

Other examples of the Likeless similie include:

In Kanye West's "Good Morning":
"You got d's, motherfucker, d's, (like) Rosie Perez."

In Drake's "Forever":
"Swimmin' in the money, come and find me, (like) Nemo"

In Young Money's "Bed Rock":
"Shake and bake, (like) Ricky Bobby
Young Money often uses the Likeless Simile in his songs.
by leroy.jenkins May 03, 2010
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