What one says when discreetly telling someone they’re gonna have sex/fist their girlfriend without him knowing
Bro 1 -Hey bro! “Like a puppet
Bro 2-...haha yea bro..

meaning he’s joking about sex with his girl
by LikeApuppetMaster November 6, 2019
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A reference to a finger banging or a fisting (of any orifice) that is so deeply penetrating and so vigorous that it's akin to working a ventriloquist doll or similar hand puppet.
Roger fisted his neighbor like a puppet.

How was your date last night braaaahhh?
Worked her over like a puppet brother.

Breath deep baby. I'm going full fist. Gonna work that booty like a puppet.
by Eaton Holgoode November 10, 2015
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a person who "likes" every comment on everything that they post, even if they don't. also known to "like" some posts because of who posted it, even if its facebook garbage. to feed his habit, a like-puppet will even go to someone else's wall and "like" their posts and comments with reckless abandon, because the need to let everybody know that they approve is constant and overwhelming. he'll say that he's got it under control, and to prove it, he'll facebook for a day or so with almost no "likes". until the guilt of denying others the affirmation that they deserve finally overwhelms him, resulting in a "like" binge. this is not pretty, and you should never try to reason with him while he's in the throes of it. he's not there. he has become a facebook like-puppet. there is currently no known cure . we can only hope that enough posts/comments will be available for him, and try not to judge. IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU.
"i posted that my sister has cancer, and it got 50+ "likes"! WTF??"
"dont let it stress you, they're probably facebook like-puppets."

"you're showing facebook like-puppet {tendencies, slow your roll!"

"that facebook like-puppet creeps me out, he's too "likey".
by who's your mama July 4, 2014
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