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A common disease one can get from dying hair blue, having over 100 solo wins, and doing "pom pom" dance. Recently twitch streamer "Tyler blevins" aka "Ninja" has passed of the disease leaving llamas around the world devasted.
Person 1: "Ninja died of Ligma balls yesterday..."
Person 2: Lmao
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by Nagitokomaedofucksespair July 24, 2018
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A very rare disease that weeaboos, blue haired Jews, and cringy Pom Pom Dancers can get. This corrupts the body’s testicles and kills the person.
Person 1: “How did ninja die, he was such an amazing fortnite player!”
Person 2: “Ligma balls killed him XD!”
by Sholley Quire July 21, 2018
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A Deasise that fortnite streamers carry which was the cause of death of Fortnite streamer Known as “Ninja”
Ligma balls is a deasiese
by Filip Beresnev July 27, 2018
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