A Light Worker is a person who was placed on this Earth for a reason. Their reason for being placed on Mother Earth is to bring light wherever they may go. Every Light Workers usually had a very rough upbringing. They have experienced trauma, and hurt. This trauma and hurt was simply their training for their destiny. In order to understand the way out of the darkness, one must live in the darkness. Light Workers experience life in the darkness. Unfortunately, some do not always find their way out. (addiction/suicide/murder/mental illness)

Every potential Light Worker hears the call to duty. Their intuition will let them know that they have a serious duty here on Earth. Some listen, some ignore. Those who listen must first heal themselves, and once completely healed and spiritually whole, they can then help others. Light Workers will save the world in the darkest of times. They know the way out. They will never stop working towards positive change, spiritual growth, and a society that is far less shallow and a lot more loving. Light Workers are people you feel pull towards, they are the people you take advantage of if you happen to be a user. Beware, though.. they never allow disloyalty for long. Their growth game is strong. They are the future of this world.
She/He has been through a lot. They have over come all of their obstacles and they always lend a helping hand to those who need them. He/she is a light worker, he/she helps heal others everywhere they go.
by Vagabond April 25, 2020
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A person typically suffering from an undiagnosed, cluster B personality disorder who mistakes their hypervigilance from past trauma as some sort of divine gift that enables them to "heal" and guide others, but in reality, they are simply projecting their own experiences onto others, and being taken advantage of by companies that sell crystals and other, so-called spiritual items and ideologies. These people often use drugs to help them disconnect from reality and continue to believe in their omnipotent qualities. Also see, Empath.
Lisa Lynn
Poet, spiritualist, healer, light worker
Tulsa, Ok
"Crazy is beautiful!"
by SoulAsunder March 19, 2023
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