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Lifeworks is an alternative school in Montgomery county PA. It's full of psychopaths who either think they're hot shit, or complete and utter pussies. Of course there are a few exceptions. A shit hole where teachers give write up for every thing and everything. "I'm writing your on the board" is one of the few things you hear there or "what the fuck did I do" drama spreads like wildfire "ooooo he/she said this I'm going to beat him up". Half of the schools made up of depressed kids who hate them selves, then there's the kids who has anger issues and trigger the depressed kids. Every day there is a 250 pound autistic kid that runs across the campus screaming stupid incoherent blabber only to have a teacher hold them down on the hard cement ground. If it doesn't happen every day, I highly doubt you actually go to lifeworks. The lower school is filled with self-entitled middle school kids who think they are hot shit when really they are ugly fucked-up psychopaths.
Yea I go lifeworks but it's more like death works
by Shyomegawolf June 26, 2016
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