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A person who dedicates most of his/her time to other than living a real actual life and are simply addicted to the online world. These people often update their profiles, usually giving away to much information, or are usually online 24/7, and update their status and mood, a lot. They can often be Myspace whores, except Lifespace people don't usually just add random friends, because often are they people you know. Lifespace people are notorious for uploading many pictures of their so called real life they bluff about, except you come to find they are always online never leaving their homes. They may do Myspace bulletin surveys a lot, or just simply only talk to people over Myspace.
When Susie was asked to go to the mall with her school friends, she simply refused and claimed she already had plans, but when she went home, she logged right onto Lifespace to live her virtual life.
by EcstasyKing October 04, 2009
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