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The state of mind that results from some terrible beat in life that causes oneself to go visibly crazy and perform further self-destructive acts in public.
After getting his pocket aces snapped off for the third time in a row, the poker player was then 86'd for throwing his cards at the dealer. He then went on life tilt by throwing his remaining chips to the rest of the players as he was being escorted to the cashier where he promptly pulled down his pants and took a gigantic dump to show what he thinks about the card room.
by bretroth May 26, 2012
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When the outside influences of your life are making it difficult to play your best at poker.
Because of stress at work and finding out my gf was pregnant, I couldn't concentrate on my game and lost $500 last night. Total life tilt.
by t3h nu7z May 18, 2010
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When you are dealing with some kind of extreme stress in your life. You are now on life tilt.
"My freind Randy just lost $600 in a poker game and it's totally got him on life tilt!"
by timfbmx November 29, 2009
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