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Someone who is VERY entitled and believes that the world owes them one. Someone who is of the family Lietzan is usually selfish, self centered, cocky, overly eccentric, and generally is prone to use the term Bromance or Broforce. One may also notice that they do have some justification for their popularity, which is assumed with the name, but usually tends to abuse their friends and take advantage of others trust. They tend to be rascist and rude, but usually unknown o them. they stick in packs and seldom leave their friend base and do not take kindly to newcomers. They are often considered cool by those in their friend base, but often thought to be deuchbags. One may be offered a Limp Biscuit from a Lietzan. Lietzans also tend to have thick underarm hair and what the guy would consider a 6-pack. Lietzans also tend to lack in the man regions.
Jacob: Did you hear that Tom was cheating on his girlfeiend with, like, 5 other girls? That entitled deuche...

Jake: You mean Tom Lietzan?

Jacob: Yeah, you know him right?

Jake: Yeah, he REALLY is a Lietzan!
by MissRepresentation November 15, 2010
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