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It is often misheard for "Lickity Split" which means very fast, quick or Headlong; at full speed. The term "Lickity Split" comes from early 19th century Scottish American influences. Lickety may be taken from lick, meaning speed - as in 'going at quite a lick'. The second word of the term is just an intensifier, and 'split' was settled on eventually. That is first cited in American Speech, 1848, as 'lickoty split'. Lickety may have been imported into the USA via immigration from Scotland. Split seems to have been added in the USA.
I got to go to the grocery store lickity spit and buy some eggs for this cake i have to make and bring to work tomorrow for Jim's Birthday!
by The Original Mr T June 04, 2015
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When you go to your Sister in laws house for thanksgiving, and you see her lick her fingers and dip them in the stuffing to taste it, then proceeds to serve it to you as if everything was NORMAL ABOUT THIS.
"No fucking way I'm eating that spit loaded pie"
by Jackie Walker January 19, 2005
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