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Licking someone anywhere one the body. Most commonly on the Genitalia. Giving someone a "lickey lickey" is not an act of pleasuring someone it is simply for someone else's enjoyment. This act has been in countless debates if this is true or not. While people who think it is not a sexual act still acknowledge that giving it to a family member is still considered incest. Also it could ruin a friendship if giving a friend a lickey lickey. There have been cases of LLTD or just LTD (Lickey lickey transmitted diseases and licked transmitted diseases. This is not to be confused with the band LTD).
Person A:"I went down stairs to get a glass of water yesterdy and I think I heard my dad give my mom a "lickey lickey.".
Person B:"So, where was this if it was anywhere else then her vaginia then its not sexual.".
Pereson A:"How is that not sexual he licked her! giving someone a lickey lickey is very sexual!".
Person B:"Listen the people who first used the words 'Lickey lickey' said...".
by Bahlickeylickeysurviver August 07, 2014
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