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When a girl grabs your ass cheeks and toughly deepthroats your cock.
I libstered him last night.
by Willbert September 29, 2006
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A liberal hipster who’s natural habitat can be found in newly gentrified urban areas (Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, Bushwick, Bedford- Stuyvesant, San Francisco’s Mission District) who’s sol purpose in life is to hang out at artisan coffee shops and promote socialism. Ironically many people from this tribe tend to have very high paying jobs and live in newly built luxury apartments in these previously poverty stricken areas. So effectively the libsters mission is an oxymoron and counterproductive to their mission.
Did you see all those libsters at Threes Brewing coffee shop conducting skype interviews? Why don't they just work in an office like the rest of the world?
by TheHegemony April 19, 2017
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