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An American citizen who is a super far left liberal democrat who sees socialism as the solution to everything. These types of people would line up for miles to have their turn sucking a fart out of President Obama's ass. These folks generally run around in clusters, because anyone not associated with their group becomes angry by their presence and want's to kick their teeth in. They also think of themselves as far superior in status and intellect to everyone else, and believe they are not subject to the same laws, rules of decency, or standards as everyone else. They generally hate everything about the United States of America and want to do anything they can to undermine and destroy all that is good about America.
1. "You hear about the dems passing that Goddamned immigration amnesty bill in the House?" "Yeah. What do you expect from those libocommie pricks?"

2. Nancy Pelosi is the biggest libocommie cooze in all of California.
by King of Farts December 08, 2010
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