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The twisted non logical mindset commonly displayed by liberals. A mental reasoning process defined by emotions, half truths and even outright deception, formulated by their ideological bends.

Ban all guns and the lunatics will kill no more. Like the 9/11 attacks or the Oklahoma city bombing never happened. Park young impressionable kids around a Presidential press conference to drive your point and discuss murder and mayhem in front of them. Never mind you can damage their psyche in the process.

ObamaCare solves the cost of health care by demanding everyone buys the middleman, insurance. Then demanding insurance pays for everything. It's like demanding that people purchase ticket insurance through brokers, when sports tickets become too expensive and demanding these sport tickets cover everything!!!

Protect the environment by blocking all new technologies like Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors and Clean Coal. So we limp along with antiquated Model T Light Water Reactors, nuclear reactors that produce massive amounts of weapons grade fuel, pollute the groundwater with radioactive Tritium. Blocking clean coal has forced utilities to continue using coal fired plants built in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

Tax businesses more and the economy will grow. Never mind businesses are fleeing the country to tax free zones in Asia and Central America.
by Libsrstupid January 16, 2013
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