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Hell on fucking Earth. This high school is the shittiest high school you could ever come across. And its in the smallest piece of shit town aka Galt. People who attend here are usually close-minded assholes that care for nothing but drugs. You literally can not walk around campus without getting shoved at least twice or without passing by about 15 conversations about drugs. The guys are all hypocrites. They dress with so much "swag" yet say swag is gay. okay. The girls are mostly slutty white girls that act like they're dumb to seem "attractive". There are so much drugs on campus its not even funny. It seems that no one there gives a shit about grades and are completely disrespectful idiots to their teachers. The school is just a preppy school full of fake cunts. Even though the school has only been around for about 5 years, it needs to be destroyed. The school and the people.
student 1: "lol lets go ditch class to smoke weed"
student 2: "sounds awesome lol"

girl: "so yesterday i got soooooo high-"
me: "no one gives a fuck"

boy: "im so swag but i dont have swag cos thats gay"
bystander: "i bet he goes to Liberty Ranch High School"
by SxrcasticAsshole December 05, 2013
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