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A skank who talks like she has a dick in her mouth even though she can't get anything from anyone because everytime people look at her they poop their pants and barf because they think nasty things belong with her. She thinks she is really cool and everyone loves her, but in reality everyone talks about how much of a faggot she is. Can't get anything from even the most unattractive guy in the school, even though she's a cheerleader. Scares people away from the games with her voice. Looks like she got 87 too many perms in her life and her hair is absolutely disgusting. Acts really ditsy because she thinks its "cute and funny" but pisses people off and makes them want to shoot themselves in the head to put themselves out of their misery. Needs to move to Alaska, or better yet Antarctica so there's nobody around to hear her complain about every little thing in her whiney little voice.
Guy 1 : Dude, when Lexi Murphy talks I feel like shooting myself in the head and drowning to put myself out of my misery !

Guy 2 : I know, she needs to move to Antarctica ! Poor penguins !
by yfy;f January 15, 2011
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