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A junior high school containing grades 6-8 located in Wood River, Illinois. It is a crappy school with lots of bigots. A lot of the teachers there are very interesting. People love to make fun of them.

The majority of the people are white females. The most common practices include chewing gum and sticking it under desks, stealing pencils, threatening to beat people up, making fun of teachers, talking about pot, and getting detentions. Pretty much a normal school.
Person from good school: Where do you go to school at?
Person from LCJH: Grl I be goin ta LCJH (Lewis & Clark Junior High)!!!!!
Person from good school: What is it like there?
Person from LCJH: Ummmm idk, u wannt somme potttt????
by MRM!! April 03, 2011
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